About ESAN

Conscious of the fact the English Language had shown many faces and passed through many phases in Nigeria for about a hundred and twenty years, a group of linguists, literary scholars and teachers of English came together in Jos, Nigeria in 1966 and formed the Nigeria English Studies Association (NESA) now English Scholars’ Association of Nigeria (ESAN) with Lamidi Sofenwa as National President. Regions were encouraged to form chapters.

ESAN Membership

Membership of the English Scholars’ Association of Nigerian (ESAN), formerly Nigeria English Studies Association (NESA) is open to any individual that possesses a good university degree in a field that is related to English Language, Communication or Literature. All professionals engaged in teaching or research in Universities, Colleges of Education and Polytechnics are encouraged to join the association. Graduate students are also welcome.

ESAN conference held in Nsukka 2018

Upcoming ESAN Conference

Upcoming conference date will be announced later